Project Update:
On Schedule for Summer 2018 Opening

We wanted to provide you with an update on Palisades Village. We are pleased to be on schedule for a summer 2018 opening, but before doing so we have a lot to accomplish. Currently, we are preparing to haul our clean soil to Potrero Canyon, with hauling set to begin after Thanksgiving weekend. Below, please find a brief question and answer regarding hauling efforts.

What safety measures are in place?
We are working closely with LADOT and Caltrans to take as many safety measures as possible including, but not limited to the following:

  • Frequent safety meetings with contractors to remind them of safety measures and to drive safely
  • Staging of trucks is only allowed onsite
  • “Truck Crossing” warning signs are placed 300 feet in advance of the exit in each direction (we have offered to pay for additional warning signs on Chautauqua and waiting for approval by LADOT)
  • We have crossing guards at four intersections (Sunset/Monument, Sunset/Swarthmore, Sunset/Via de la Paz, Temescal/Bowdoin) from 7-9am, 1-3pm on school days
  • Two flag attendants are required during hauling hours to assist with staging and getting trucks in and out of the project area
  • Traffic Control Officers through LADOT are stationed at Chautauqua and PCH to help with vehicle traffic flow at the intersection. These officers are onsite during weekday a.m. and p.m. peak hours
  • Construction area will be sufficiently dampened to control dust. Water trucks will be located at both sites(Palisades Village and Potrero Canyon) to sufficiently dampen dirt and help control dust
  • Street sweepers will be run locally to ensure streets are kept clean
  • Hauling vehicles are spaced so as to discourage a convoy affect
  • A new truck safety lane (acceleration lane) has been installed along the northbound shoulder on PCH that will allow trucks to safely increase their speed and merge into traffic

What is the haul route?
The haul route will exit the project site southbound on Swarthmore Avenue, turn left (east) on Sunset Blvd, right (south) on Chautauqua Blvd, right (north) onto PCH, and then right (east) onto the disposal site at Potrero Canyon Park, located at 15101 Pacific Coast Highway. Empty trucks travel northbound on PCH from the disposal site, turn right (north) onto Temescal Canyon, right (east) onto Sunset and then left onto Swarthmore and back into the site.

Has the soil been tested and approved for use?
The soil has been tested and approved by DTSC as “unrestricted” fill and safe to be used at Potrero Canyon. In addition, we have devices onsite that test the excavated soil as it gets loaded into trucks to ensure all soil is clean.

How long will the hauling take?
The hauling should be complete by the end of February, weather permitting.

What are the approved hours of hauling?
Hauling occurs during approved City of Los Angeles hauling hours, which are Monday – Saturday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.