Project Updates & FAQ


The grand-opening date for Palisades Village is Saturday, September 22, 2018! The countdown begins and we are looking forward to inviting you to experience what will be the new community-gathering spot. The heart and soul of this property is the idea that Palisades Village will be a part of the everyday fabric of our community; places that make people happy and add to the quality of life. We are so proud that this property will offer one-of-a-kind experiences, something special for everyone, and create a new daily destination for locals and their families. Stay tuned for updates, progress of the project and future details, or follow us @PalisadesVillage.



The Palisades Village project received approval from the City of Los Angeles in June 2016, following an extensive public review and public hearing process.  From the time we announced our interest in this unique property, until we received City approval, we conducted hundreds of meetings with members of the Palisades community.  The project was also the subject of 12 public hearings, including the Pacific Palisades Community Council, the City Planning Commission, the City Council’s Planning & Land Use Management Committee and the full City Council.

The result of this public process has been a charming, low-density design that reflects the true personality of Palisades — with 30% more parking than required by code, building heights that are in keeping with the rest of the Village, and a density that is half what would otherwise be allowed by code.

During the course of construction, we’ve received a number of questions.  In order to continue our communication with you, we’ve listed those questions here, with our response.

What are your plans for Palisades Village?

Our plans represent our commitment – and your feedback – to bring this property back as a gathering place for friends and family, while staying true to the look and feel of Pacific Palisades. The following are some key elements of our plans:

  • A walkable village
  • A collection of unique and boutique retailers
  • Restaurants ranging from family to fine dining
  • A new greenspace along Monument Street
  • A community room
  • A neighborhood movie theater
  • Buildings that fit the look and feel of the neighborhood
  • Ample parking

What will the completed project look like?

The style reflects a charming, coastal village feel that fits in the existing neighborhood. The project is an eclectic mix of small one- and two- story buildings, and varying architectural styles, in keeping with the rest of the village.

Who has approved and endorsed the project?

The Los Angeles City Planning Commission, the City Council’s Planning and Land Use Management Committee and the Los Angeles City Council have all approved the project. Locally, we were endorsed by the Pacific Palisades Community Council, The Pacific Palisades Chamber of Commerce, The Pacific Palisades BID, P.R.I.D.E., and the Pacific Palisades Civic League.

What is the size of the project?

The community supported a plan to create an updated, mixed-use village consisting of approximately 125,000 square feet of retail, restaurants, a theater, market, office and residential uses.  The Specific Plan, which guides development within Pacific Palisades, would have allowed us to build approximately 275,000 square feet, however, that scale felt too large for the community and wasn’t consistent with our vision.  Our project reflects what has existed in the past along Swarthmore Avenue and the surrounding neighborhood.

What kind of grocery store will there be?

Vintage Grocers, a community-minded specialty market, will be coming to Palisades Village.

Can you describe the new Bay Theatre?

We are excited to bring back this cherished venue. The theater, operated by Cinepolis, will be small and scaled to the neighborhood, with just five screens.  The new marquee is inspired by the historic design of the original Bay Theatre.

Will the Bay Theatre be properly soundproofed so that sound does not travel beyond to the neighboring condos?

Yes, the theater will be soundproofed so that interior sound will not be audible on the exterior. 

What are your plans for parking?

Although less than 400 parking spaces are required by City code, we will provide 560 spaces in a three-level underground parking structure.  This represents almost five times the number of spaces provided on the previous surface lot.  EV charging stations will also be available.  All employees will be required to park in the three-level underground parking structure, and we will monitor that no employees park on neighboring residential streets. In addition, employees will be offered free transit passes and bike parking to further reduce parking impacts in the community. 

Are you changing Swarthmore Avenue from a two-way to a one-way street?

Yes. We received community input to make Swarthmore a one-way street. In doing so, the street will have wider sidewalks and the narrower street will slow vehicular traffic, making it safer for pedestrians.  Accordingly, Swarthmore will remain two-way from Sunset to the alley entrance, and convert to a one-way street from the alley to Monument.

What is the size of the park area?  What materials will be used?  

The park area includes approximately 5,600 sf of grass area, plus adjacent hardscape areas, within our 3 acre site.  To give a sense of comparison, The Grove has a park area of 3,500 sf within a 16 acre site.  The Palisades Village park will include mature trees, provide a place for children to play, neighbors to sit and relax, and serve as a location for community events.

The two-story building along the alley includes an area on the second floor called Storage.  Has this area increased in size and what is the purpose of this space?

This area has not changed in size and it is being used for storage, as was approved by the City.

Has the height increased in any of the buildings? Do any buildings now exceed the height limit of the Pacific Palisades Specific Plan? 

The building heights are the same as approved in June 2016, and all buildings comply with the Specific Plan.

Are you providing a community room? Where will it be located, and what is its size? How many people will it hold? Will there be elevator access?

Yes, we’re pleased to provide a community room for use by Palisades organizations. Once we are open, our property management team will be responsible for taking reservations.  The community room is located in the center of the project, on the second floor adjacent to the elevators, as approved by the City in 2016.  The room is approximately 1,100 sf, consistent with requirements that it’s not intended for large gatherings.  The Fire Department will determine how many people the room can accommodate once the Certificate of Occupancy is issued.

What uses in the project have changed?  Has any square footage been added since the project was approved?  Have any building footprints changed?

No uses have changed.  Construction of the project is consistent with the 2016 approval.  As is customary during the plan submittal phase, there has been some minor fine-tuning of building footprints due to building code requirements and tenant requests.  However, building footprints are substantially the same as approved in June 2016.

Why were the three electrical transformers, which have now been installed on Albright Street, never shown on the plans that were submitted to the community, Planning Commission or City Council?  Why weren’t these transformers placed underground?

Plans that are prepared for entitlements are conceptual-level designs.  Engineered drawings are not developed until after the City approves the project and the applicant meets with various agencies to confirm how the literally hundreds of building, electrical, mechanical or other codes will be applied to the project.  The location of the transformers was informed by DWP.  All electrical power is provided by an existing conduit in Albright which necessitated the location of the transformers.  DWP would not allow the transformer to be located underground.  We will provide a full landscape buffer for the transformers, so they will not be visible from nearby residences.

What is the plan to handle Uber/Lyft pick-up and drop-off? Is there a shuttle station for transportation to and from Santa Monica?

We have designated pick-up and drop-off locations in the project to accommodate Uber/Lyft services.  A Big Blue Bus line runs on Sunset in front of the project, which connects to Santa Monica.

Will the project have any green features?  Is the project complying with LA’s Sustainable goals?  Is the project in compliance with CalGreen standards?

Yes, we have included many green features and we are in full compliance with City and State environmental code requirements.  The project will obtain LEED Gold status, which is one of the highest standards in environmental efficiency and design.  In fact, this project will be the first ground-up retail center in the City of Los Angeles to earn a LEED Gold rating for its core and shell.  Some of the green features include solar panels to be placed on top of the theater building, a free neighborhood bike-sharing program along with convenient bicycle parking, electric vehicle charging stations, permeable open-space landscaping, and water-conservation measures.

How much roof area will have solar panels, and will they generate enough energy to run Palisades Village?

Solar panels will be located on top of the theater building. The energy provided by these panels will help reduce our power needs.

How is onsite water being managed and stored?

We have two state-of-the-art stormwater retention systems.  We have installed a 40,000-gallon tank to collect stormwater runoff from non-permeable surfaces.  After being filtered onsite, that water is released into the City storm drain where it will help irrigate Potrero Canyon Park.  In addition, we have installed a separate system which collects water runoff that permeates and is filtered through our landscaping.  That water is stored and then released to wick back up into our landscaping.

What kind of security measures will you have?

Security is critical to our company for the comfort and well-being of our guests.  There will be 24-hour security personnel throughout the property and within the parking structure, in addition to cameras and security lighting.

Emergency exiting from the theaters has changed, creating “crime corners” along Albright.  Can this be corrected?

Emergency exits are code required.  Our security team has carefully reviewed the plans and we have implemented appropriate security lighting, cameras, and increased foot patrols, to address concerns about potential crime issues resulting from this required exiting.

What is the lighting scheme for the project? How bright will the night lighting be?

All lighting will meet City code – providing adequate light for safety and security, but not so bright as to disturb neighbors.

Will a wall be constructed along Monument? If so, how high will it be? Will there be openings for people to enter Palisades Village? 

No brick or concrete wall will be constructed along Monument.  However, there will be mature hedges and landscaping which will serve as a buffer, with an opening in the landscaping to provide access.

Where and how is trash from the project collected, recycled, processed and held before leaving the site?

All trash will be collected in enclosed trash rooms, situated in several locations throughout the property.

Where are the HVAC units located and how visible will they be from surrounding residential areas?

HVAC units will be located on rooftops and screened from public view.

Will the Farmers Market return to Swarthmore Avenue?

Yes, we look forward to having the Farmers Market return to Swarthmore once we complete construction.   In the meantime, Palisades residents can find the Market at its temporary location at Palisades Charter High School, on Sundays from 8:00am to 1:00pm.  For more information, please click here to visit the Farmers Market Facebook page.

What is happening with the P.R.I.D.E tiles that were previously along Swarthmore?

We are working with P.R.I.D.E. to honor and respect the previous tile donors in our new project. After reviewing the options with P.R.I.D.E., we have collectively decided to replace the ceramic tiles with bricks. P.R.I.D.E. also will be selling additional bricks to raise money to further its mission to keep Palisades beautiful.