Traffic Impact


One of the concerns that any community has is about traffic impact to its local streets and how that influences daily life, especially when new stores and restaurants are coming to town. 

We want to assure you that the Swarthmore (development) plans will not bring any significant traffic impacts to the neighborhood. We worked with an independent traffic consultant to review all of the surrounding intersections and streets, using LADOT-approved standards, and looked at the traffic in a very conservative manner. The analysis showed no significant impacts on any of the 20 intersections we studied (we’re only required to analyze 10) or surrounding streets. Our plans to eliminate the Mobil gas station will greatly reduce traffic.

The independent analysis was reviewed and confirmed by LADOT and is available for your review in our MND: click here. We share your interest in ensuring we take every step to make sure traffic is not an issue, and we believe we have done that.

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(Images looking North toward Swarthmore from Sunset)