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Experience MIRROR at lululemon

January 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023

One great trainer at the gym can change your life. Imagine what hundreds in your house can do. Experience MIRROR at lululemon! It’s a smart home gym that transforms less than two feet of wall space into a cardio class, yoga studio, boxing ring and so much more. Discover every type of workout: +50 styles and all fitness levels, live and on-demand. With real-time feedback and shout-outs, as well as personal training sessions with expert 1:1 instruction, MIRROR brings the boutique fitness studio experience home. And when you aren’t using it? It’s a polished, functional mirror.

Guests who shop the MIRROR in-store at Palisades Village will receive an extra discount!

Make an appointment at lululemon using the link below, or learn more online at

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Experience MIRROR at lululemon