All-New Prix-Fixe Menu at Blue Ribbon Sushi

March 21-December 31, 2019

Sample a delectable assortment of elevated Japanese and sushi-bar offerings with a new four-course menu option at Blue Ribbon Sushi. Changing weekly, the inventive lineup of dishes showcases only the freshest of fare from land and sea, along with a dessert for a palate-pleasing finish.

Introductory Menu:
First Course: Cilantro Coconut Crudo
Second Course: Scallop and Shrimp Flatbread
Third Course: Chicken Roulade
Fourth Course: Earl Grey Cheesecake with Chocolate Chips

Cost: $60 per person
Optional Beverage Pairing: $30

To reserve a table, please visit or call 310.907.9899.

All-New Prix-Fixe Menu at Blue Ribbon Sushi