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Treasures at diptyque

October 19-December 25, 2021

The Christmas 2021 collection from diptyque holds a never-ending promise of enjoyment. Discover the first scented taper candles in Feu de Bois, Ambre and Baies scents. These are not just a first for diptyque but also a substantial technical feat, combining perfume and hard wax while ensuring optimum combustion for such a thin object. Noted for its finely-honed, inquisitive eye, diptyque excels at offering astonishing objects that arouse our sense of wonder.

Accordingly, this collection, which celebrates both the holiday season and the 60-year anniversary of the Maison, is set to delight with its richness, eclecticism and originality, plus its ability to approach product usage in new ways without sacrificing beauty or excellence.

The diptyque spirit has not changed — if anything, it has grown stronger with the passing years.

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Treasures at diptyque